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  1. The Club will not be considered 'reserved' until the total Reservation Deposit is received. Checks are made payable to the Martha's Vineyard Rod & Gun Club.

  2. If event is cancelled 30 days or more prior to the event - all funds are returned.

  3. If between 30 and 15 days - ¼ of the Reservation Deposit retained by the Club.

  4. If less than 15 days - ½ of the Reservation Deposit retained by the Club.

  5. A Certificate of Liability Insurance must accompany the Reservation Deposit.

  6. Fees begin upon entering the property.

  7. Each guest entering the property of the Martha's Vineyard Rod & Gun Club must sign the Club's Release and Indemnity Agreement.

  8. User groups in excess of 75 people must pay for, bring in and remove a portable toilet.

  9. Should a tent be required the user must pay for, bring in and remove the tent by 10:00 am the morning following the event.

  10. A security person must be hired and is paid by the Club. He must be a member of the Rod & Gun Club and may not be a participant in the function.

  11. No function may run past midnight.

  12. No loud music and no music after 10:00 pm.

  13. Noise must be kept to a minimum.

  14. No nails, tacks, tape, etc. are to be put into any walls.

  15. The using party must clean the clubhouse and grounds by 10:00 am the morning following the event.

    1. The clubhouse and grounds must be left in the same condition in which they were found.

    2. The using party must remove all trash and debris from the property. If not done by 10:00 am the morning following the event, the cost of doing so will be deducted from the security deposit.

  16. Should the using party utilize any club activities, i.e., trap, skeet, archery, firing range, etc., the using party must pay for all items used, plus all necessary safety personnel, at the standard Club rates. These payments must be made immediately following the conclusion of the activity.

  17. Any user that wants to use the club as a last minute "back up" to their scheduled space must pay the 6-hour usage cost in advance.

    1. Before entering the property for the function, the "back up" user must pay the balance of all fees including the security deposit, Club security person fees, plus any additional hourly usage and Club security person fees.

    2. Should another user want to use the club, at the same time as the "back-up" user, and the new user pays all the normal usage fees in advance, the "back-up" user's contract is cancelled and any fees paid are returned.

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