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  • Fishermen must carry a small notebook for recording their catch and a tape measure. Fishing is from the shore only. There is no fishing from islands cut off at high tide including those in Menemsha Bight. Boats may not be used for fishing access. Fishermen may only fish from beaches that are accessible. The first cast cannot be made until 7pm. Tournament fishing must stop at exactly 2 am. Should a fisherman hook a fish prior to 2 am., he/she may fight, land and count the fish after 2 am.

  • Most Fish: The total number of fish of any size length caught and released by a team. Each fisherman must record the catch of his partner, not his own.

  • Largest Fish: A team member must measure the fish. Measure fish from the snout to the end of the tail and around the girth. Bass should be at least 34 inches in length. Please provide length, girth and total inches when you submit results.

  • Single Fly: You may only fish with one fly. If you lose it to a bluefish or hard strike you may continue fishing, but may not add any fish caught to your team total. However you may still qualify for the largest fish award.

  • Pairings: A fisherman who is not part of a fishing team will be paired at random with another available and willing fisherman. Please indicate on your entry form if you will be part of a team. If a partner must quit early, the team total is the tally up to that point.

Saturday, Noon - 3 pm:

Even if you have registered in advance, please check in by 3 p.m. at the Edgartown School, 35 Robinson Road off the Edgartown-West Tisbury Road, to confirm we have your entry.

Saturday, 7 pm - 2 am:

Tournament fishing begins at 7 pm and ends at 2 am.

Sunday, 8 am – 9:30 am:

Breakfast at the Edgartown School. Team finish is based on the number of fish caught, divided by the number of fishermen in the team. Largest fish caught reports must include a name and length, girth and total inches. Late team reports will not be accepted. Results must be turned in by 9 am.

Sunday, 9:30 a.m.

Awards ceremony. Fishermen must be present to win prizes.


The most striped bass caught and released by a team. Roberto Germani, an island "character,” believed strongly in the philosophy of catch and release. For Roberto, watching a fish was often as enjoyable as catching it.


The largest striped bass caught and released. Sonny and Joey Beaulieu, father and son, died in a tragic boating accident along with Fred Loud and his son Adam. Sonny helped to begin this tournament.


The most fish caught and released by a team using one fly. Arnold Spofford, fly fisherman and gentleman, was a familiar face to many who fished the beaches of Martha's Vineyard. We feel their spirit where the sea kisses the shore.