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Fly-Tying Classes

Fly-Tying Classes are one of the most popular activities in the club. Volunteers run the classes for three months during the winter. The clubhouse is packed with seasoned and novice fly-tyers from five to over eighty years of age. It's a wonderful evening for parents and their children, an opportunity to tell tall tales of fish caught, or listen to the experts reveal their secrets.

The winter class kindle the interest in fly fishing and develop tomorrow's sportsmen. The island's future generation of fly fishermen is here.

The classes are open to the public. Inquire here.

Participants are asked to bring fly tying equipment and materials. If you’re unsure what you’ll
need, please call Cooper “Coop” Gilkes at 508-627-3909, or research the web.
Here is Coop’s basics list: fly tying vice (rotary preferred); bobbin; bobbin threads in primary
colors (210 white, red, black, green); scissors; whip finisher; head cement; hooks in sizes
2,1,1/0,2/0; bucktail; white saddle hackle; rabbit zonker strips and crosscut; Krystal flash;
flashabou tinsel; stick-on eyes.
This is not a formal class. The following schedule is subject to change and improvisation. People
are welcome to sit together and work on flies of their choosing and socialize.

2023 Schedule & Material Needed

Jan. 24: Coop (basics)
Jan. 31: Brice Contessa, classic Lefty’s Deceiver Hook, 1/O Mustad 34007 or similar; thread, Danville’s Flat Waxed Nylon 210 Denier; strung saddle hackles (white), Bill’s Bodi Braid (flat/pearl), bucktail (white/olive), Flashabou or Krystal Flash (pearl), Fly Eyes/Tab Eyes (3/16 inch, silver), peacock herl.
Feb. 7: Coop, sand eel EZ body, krystal flash or fish hair, size 1 or 2 hooks, red, green magic marker.
Feb. 14: Coop, cinder worm Red chenille, size 2 hook, black magic marker.
Feb. 21: Joe Rogers, squid variant
Feb. 28: Cooper Fersen, surf candy epoxy minnow White/olive bucktail, 1 or 1/0 size hook, any flash, small sticker eyes, epoxy (UV light provided).
March 7: Rob Morrison, Clouser minnow hook, lead eyes or bead chain, bucktail (any color), flash material.
March 14: Liz Packer, Ray’s fly or flatwing Mustad big game hooks size 1 or 2, body braid silver or gold, pearl silver or gold flash, bucktail white, yellow olive (additional colors for blending fun), feathers-saddles or hackles white or other colors of your choice, peacock herl.
March 21: Rob Morrison, knot tying, rigging Leader material.
March 28: Jamie Boyle, gurgler
April 4: Show us what you got

For more information on fly tying at the club, see Vineyard Gazette, March 5, 2018, “Waiting for the First Cast, Fly Fishermen Hone Their Craft”); MV Times, February 28, 2018, “Fly Tying —
Winter Therapy for Island Fishermen”).

Saltwater Fly Fishing Clinics

Held throughout the spring and summer at the club, these clinics give novice and experienced fly fishermen the opportunity to learn from the club's professional fly fishing instructors. The clinics are held on the club's two fly casting ranges. A selection of fly rods, tackle and other gear is available. It's a great way to learn how to cast a fly rod and catch striped bass, blues and bonito on flies.


The Saltwater Fly Fishing Clinics are open to the public. Inquire here.

Fly Fishing
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Skeet Instruction

Twelve months a year, the club's National Skeet Shooting Association Certified Instructors offer group and individual private skeet lessons. It's a program that offers proper, safe and correct instruction to sportsmen who want to learn one of the worlds most popular clay target sports.

Skeet Instructors

Inquire here

Skeet Instruction Hours

Wednesday, Friday &  Saturday


Skeet Instruction is open to the public. You must call an instructor and make an appointment. 

Skeet Instruction
Archery Instruction

Twelve months a year, the club's active, competitive instructors offer individual and small group lessons.

This program offers special bows for beginners, both children and adults, to teach safety and proper use of the bow and arrow for both target and hunting.

Archery Instruction is open to the public. Inquire here.

Archery Instruction
Firearm Safety Academy

Designed as a community service for the island's many sportsmen, the Firearm Safety Academy's goal is to promote the safe, responsible use of firearms through the continuing education of all firearm owners.

Courses are offered throughout the year. All of the volunteer instructors are NRA Certified and the courses of firearm instruction are laid out in accordance with NRA training guidelines. The Academy provides NRA and Commonwealth of Massachusetts approved courses of training that will satisfy Local and State Police Department requirements for the general public. 


Courses offered:

  • In Home Firearm Safety

  • Basic Pistol Shooting Safety. 

The courses are open to the public. Inquire here.

Firearm Safety
License to carry firearm ID training

NRA Certified Instructor  

Inquire here.

Firearm License / ID
Basic Hunter Education Course

Taught annually by experienced club volunteers, this course teaches important firearm safety and hunter conduct issues. It is mandatory in Massachusetts to have first completed a Hunter Education Course in order to obtain a hunting license.

This course is open to the public. Inquire here.

Basic Hunter Education
Boating Safety Course

The course is presented annually at the club by the Massachusetts Environmental Police. The goal is to foster safe attitudes by developing safe boating practices, legal responsibilities and general marine knowledge. Topics addressed include accident prevention, safety equipment, safe boating operation, navigation rules and aids to navigation. This course is required before any person, ages 12-15, may operate a motorboat without adult supervision in Massachusetts. The course also meets the boating course requirements for persons 16 and 17 years of age to obtain their state personal watercraft certification.

The club's Boating Safety Course is open to the public. Inquire here.

Boating Safety
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