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Thank you for following the general notes and rules at the club. They will allow you, your guests and other sportsmen to fully enjoy all aspects of the clubhouse and grounds in the safest, most courteous manner.

Remember, this club is composed of all volunteers.

  • Sign the logbook upon entering the clubhouse for the day.

  • Clean up your mess on the ranges: brass, boxes, shells, etc.

  • Leave the clubhouse and grounds just the way you found it, clean and straightened.

  • Put your trash in the trashcans.

  • Bring more wood from the woodpile into the clubhouse.

  • No drinking any alcohol prior to participating in any activity involving the use of firearms.

  • Eye and ear protection is mandatory for anyone participating in or near any activity involving the use of firearms.

  • Close all windows and lock the front door upon leaving the clubhouse.

  • Lock the front gate and spin the combination lock upon leaving the grounds.

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